Educational Services to Help You Achieve Academic Success

Educational Services to Help You Achieve Academic Success

Educational Services to Help You Achieve Academic SuccessEducational Services to Help You Achieve Academic Success

Educational Services

Tutoring (In-Person/Online)

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Does your child have solid study skills that are repeatable? If not, rest assured that I can help with that.  Although I was certified to teach both Secondary Biology and Middle School Mathematics, teaching and refining study skills are passions of mine. If your student needs support in these areas, please feel free to contact me.

In the more than 15 years of teaching at the secondary level and 5 years tutoring part-time, I have been able to see growth in many areas. The area that lays the foundation for all other areas is study skills. I work with students and parents on things such as time management, goal setting, organization, what and how to study, and more.

I am also available to tutor most science and math topics, as we work on those other areas.

GOALS Workshops

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I work with males ages 10-21, as they set and work toward achieving of their goals. The groups are set up by age and we discuss our academic barriers in a setting, in which boys can see that they're not alone. Each group meets every 2-3 weeks. Each boy will have an hour long session every 6 weeks with myself and at least one parent/ guardian. A 3 month commitment to this unique program is required upon enrollment.

School/Group Presentations

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I lecture students, staff members, and parents about the value of communication and self-advocacy.

I also make small group presentations to students within the classroom on various academic topics and subject matters. Both the lectures and presentations are interactive educational services that I plan specifically for my clients!

Online Courses Available